Ever since 1990, when Ivo Konc created the first spruce resin ointment, our goal has been development, production and tracking of the effects of the spruce resin. We do everything in conjunction with nature and stay sustainable. Here you can check how it all started...

Ever since 1990, when Ivo Konc created the first spruce resin ointment, our goal has been development, production and tracking of the effects of the spruce resin. We do everything in conjunction with nature and stay sustainable. Here you can check how it all started...

First spruce resin ointment in small workshop


Due to his own problems, Ivo Konc developed the first spruce resin ointment in Naklo near Kranj in 1989. At first, in front of the garage of his house and later he arranged a small building in front of the house for this purpose.

Ivo Konc iz making his first spruce resin ointment


Ivo Konc has had problems with his spine since the age of 10, which escalated to the stage, that his doctor advised an operation as the only option to avoid disability. Through Ms. Prežla in Lesce, he was introduced to the efficiency of spruce resin and in 1989, developed the first spruce resin ointment. He was never operated on.

Spruce resin salve (ointment) production has been moved to Ljubljana


Since 2010, the company and its mission have been continued by Ivo’s son, Matic Konc, whose life path brought him to Ljubljana, where we also moved the company and production in 2015.

In 1989, Ivo Konc designed Smrekovit Klasik (spruce resin ointment), the first spruce resin ointment in this part of Europe. This was because of this was unbearable back pain that he had felt since the age of 10, when he overcame tick-borne meningitis. From then on, the problems only became worse and were so severe that at the end of his studies at the Faculty of Sport, he was exempted from performing the practical part of the exams, and in 1974, he was also exempted from military service in the then Yugoslavian People's Army. At that time, the specialist doctor suggested an operation as the only option to avoid disability before age 30. He declined the operation and started looking for natural treatments. This was how he came to Ms. Prežle in Lesce, who gave him resin wraps, with which he effectively coped with pain in his spine.

When he dislocated a finger on his hand in 1989, Ms. Prežle's black and sticky wrap was not suitable for treatment and thus he made the first spruce ointment. Although he could not help himself and his dislocation with his invention, it was effective for many other problems. The spruce resin ointment spread through the whole of Yugoslavia at that time in two years, through neighbours, friends and acquaintances who excitedly spread the word of its effectiveness. In 1990, he opened a business.


Matic Konc has been producing spruce resin ointment since 2010

After finishing Secondary nursing school, Matic Konc graduated from the Faculty of Sports and Faculty of Pharmacy. He constantly learned more about spruce resin and its functions. In 2010, he took over the company and its mission from father Ivo Konc and made great progress in the development of spruce resin products.

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Spruce resin salve (ointment) production


The equipment in our laboratory is fully adapted to the production and development of completely natural spruce resin products. This has allowed us to develop new products, such as spruce resin cream Smrekovit 365, spruce resin cream with cooling effect, Smrekovit Ekstra, Smrekovit capsules and Smrekovit oral spray.

Smrekovit store with spruce resin salve (ointment)


We are available to you every working day. Since we do not adhere to working hours, call us on the day of your visit. We will be happy to advise you.

Knowledge about spruce resin's medicinal properties, acquired through the experience of the many users of Smrekovit Klasik (spruce resin ointment) and research into its chemical properties in 2010 led to the development of a new product, Smrekovit Ekstra (spruce resin ointment with cooling effect), which was jointly designed by Ivo Konc and his son Matic Konc. The latter took over the company and its mission in 2010. At the end of February 2015, he moved the company's headquarters and production to Ljubljana (Podmolniška cesta 14). With further education, deepening his knowledge of chemistry, researching of spruce resin properties and upgrading laboratory equipment, in 2016, he developed new, even better and more efficient products, such as Spruce resin creams Smrekovit 365, Smrekovit Ekstra in a tube, Smrekovit capsules and Smrekovit oral spray.


Matic Konc Smrekovit

Owner and director of the company as well as a worker in production and developer of new products from spruce resin.

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Ivo Konc, inventor of Smrekovit spruce resin salve


The founder of the company and the first in this part of Europe, who, according to the tradition of his ancestors, began to produce spruce resin ointment for the market in 1990.

Roman Perko - he continues Smrekovit manipulation therapy


Successfully continues the implementation of Smrekovit manipulation therapy according to the principle of the pioneer of the therapy, Ivo Konc.

Anton Lorenzzutti is labeling Smrekovi products


Ensures that the packaging of Smrekovit products is nice and accurate with labels.




The method is purely mechanical and based on stretching, mechanical adjustment of these moving parts of the skeleton, which, by pressing on the nerve, cause problems along the nerve that is compressed. Typically, these problems involve insignificant movements of the vertebrae, which then, according to the location of the movements, cause pain, either locally in the spine, but if the trapped nerve is connected to a larger number of muscles, the pain is often also outside the spine area, which is experienced as pain in the legs that spreads through the buttocks to the thigh and down to the toes (sciatica), pain in the arms, weakened arm strength, tingling in the arms or legs, headaches, etc. The so-called subluxation (minor joint movements) may also occur in other joints, most often in the shoulder, and may also cause problems along the entire limb. The mechanical adjustment of such movements with Smrekovit manipulation therapy proved to be an excellent aid in the use of Smrekovit products.

Ivo Konc, shortly after 1990, when he started producing Smrekovit Klasik (spruce resin ointment), developed his own "Smrekovit manipulating therapy", with which he had great success in the rehabilitation of sports injuries with great care and with the help of Smrekovit spruce resin ointment. Many people went to him and many, through his intervention and Smrekovit products, " recovered from problems that they had for years (sciatica, back pain, neck pain, hand and leg pain and headaches as a result of back problems, etc.).

Manual treatment of the spine was already known in ancient Egypt and Greece, and was supposedly also performed by Hippocrates in 5th century B.C. Gregor Ahčin from Domžale was the greatest influence on Ivo Konc in the development of his own Smrekovit manipulative therapy. "He was a miracle worker, master of manipulation", he says. Through the knowledge of functional anatomy (as a professor of sports education), experience with sports injuries during a 20-year coaching career with ski jumpers (he also took part in the rise of the Nordic combination in the mid-1990s) and during the work as a therapist in the early 90s with the first league football team NK Naklo and under the influence of Gregor Ahčin, he developed his own Smrekovit manipulative therapy for the treatment of the spine and some other problems. In 2011, he stopped performing therapies. His method of soft manipulation was successfully pursued by Roman Perko, former youth champion in the Nordic combination and his son Matic Konc.