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Ever since 1990, when Ivo Konc created the first spruce resin ointment, our goal has been development, production and tracking of the effects of the spruce resin. We do everything in conjunction with nature and stay sustainable. Here you can check how it all started...


The main ingredient is spruce resin. The many effects of coniferous resin are well known all over the world and have been confirmed by the experiences of our many users since 1990. You can read many experiences regarding the use of Smrekovit products, which we regularly add, and a whole file is waiting for publication, on this page.

Spruce resin nourishes the skin on the surface and in depth, strengthens its defense mechanism and stimulates its function and blood circulation. Apply the spruce ointment Smrekovit Klasik several times a day in a thin layer to the desired area. Since it is made on a fat basis, it can also be used for massage, although massage is not necessary for the desired effect

For a stronger effect, we recommend the use of Spruce veneer . You can also use Spruce cream Smrekovit 365 with Smrekovit lining , which is even more effective.

When using Smrekovit products, you only need to pay attention to a possible allergy to spruce resin, which is otherwise rare. We also strongly advise against cooling with ice or another cold source, as cooling reduces the effect of the spruce resin. Why? Read the answer to a frequently asked question here.

Spruce cream

Spruce ointment was our only product until 2010. In 2010, we developed Smrekovit Extra spruce ointment with a cooling effect, which is as effective as Smrekovit Klasik, and then in 2017, we developed the spruce cream Smrekovit 365 and Smrekovit Ekstra spruce cream with a cooling effect, which proved to be even more effective products when used externally than of both spruce ointments.

Spruce Capsules and oral spray

Until 2017, Smrekovit Klasik spruce ointment was also used for problems in the digestive tract and in the oral cavity, which is why it is made from ingredients used in the food industry, so this method of use is still possible, but in 2017 we developed a more suitable product for this purpose, namely Smrekovit Capsules and Smrekovit oral spray.