All Smrekovit products are the fruit of the traditions of our ancestors, our own knowledge and many years of experience with spruce resin. The common characteristic of all products is that they contain real spruce resin from Slovenian forests. Smrekovit products are completely natural and do not contain any artificial substances. Since all Smrekovit products contain real spruce resin, the effects of all products are the same, but differ in their properties and method of use. Spruce resin nourishes the skin externally and internally and improves its natural defence, function and blood circulation.



BIO Slovenia certificate  confirms that Spruce products do not contain parabens, synthetic fragrances, petroleum and chlorine derivatives, silicones,

Naravna kozmetika z BIO sestavinami

formaldehyde, ethoxylated components, genetically modified organisms, PEG and PPG emulsifiers… ..

It also confirms that the products have not been tested on animals. 

Certified products contain exclusively  harmless and natural substances and are more environmentally friendly than other non-certified products.

The certificate is confirmed by the Institute for Certification in Agriculture and Forestry Maribor with regular inspections.

The following Spruce products have the BIO Slovenia certificate:



The VEGAN Slovenia certificate confirms that Spruce products do not contain  substances of animal origin, substances tested on animals or

Naravna kozmetika z BIO sestavinami

substances obtained with the help of animals. Despite the fact that we are not vegans in our company, we agree with some of the ideas of the vegan community. Above all, it is a commitment to the humane treatment of animals and the avoidance of their exploitation where possible, and the responsible handling of nature and its gifts, including spruce resin.

Certificate  VEGAN Slovenia  have the following of our products: