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Matic Konc

Education and personal life

Matic Konc was born in 1983 in Kranj.

He is ingeneer of laboratory biomedicine and professor of physical education. After finishing the Secondary nursing School he continued his studies at the Faculty of Sport, where he graduated in 2011 in the field of sports training. After graduating from the Faculty of Sport he enrolled in the Faculty of Pharmacy, where he graduated in 2018 in the field Laboratory Biomedicine.

Matic Konc lives in Ljubljana, he is married and father of four children.

Matic Konc - diploma from Faculty of pharmacy
Matic Konc - diploma from Faculty of sport

Experiences with spruce resin, ointment and development of Smrekovit products

Since his seventh year, when his father, Ivo Konc, developed the first spruce resin ointment, today Smrekovit Klasik, in 1990 he constantly observed the efficiency of spruce resin through his own experience, since spruce resin ointment, was applied for many problems in his own family as well as through experience a number of users with whom his father talked over the phone every day. The incredible efficiency of spruce resin was also attracted to him during adulthood, and in 2010, he took over the Smrekovit company. Together with external associates he is everything is in one person: director, owner, spruce resin picker and worker in production. Many years of experience and chemical knowledge led him to develop new

Matic Konc v laboratoriju

Experiences with spruce resin, ointment and development of Smrekovit products

products from spruce resin, such as spruce resin creams and spruce resin dietary supplements. He is still studying the effects of spruce resin and they writes studies of his findings. He is the author of all content on the website and also its designer.